Instructions to set up bid account for cattle usa

  • go to cattleusa website.
  • create a user name and password for cattle usa.
  • once signed in under your user/pswd, goto Burlington Livestock Exchange Sale.
  • Click on blue button, enter your info, press the proceed button and wait to be approved. 
  • Can take awhile to be approved, BLE Manager has to approve you.

Buyers, sellers, feedlot owners, farmers, and ranchers who are not able to attend a sale can view and bid on cattle selling at Burlington Livestock Exchange.  This is real time and viewable from computers anywhere in the country.  This gives a competitive advantage to the livestock market. 

Pre-Registration is required 24 hours prior to sale to bid online.

Burlington Livestock Exchange has dedicated itself to helping the cattlemen of this area receive the true market price for their livestock.  With our services we have available, we can help you maximize your marketing potential.  Give us a call, we are always more than happy to come to your place and visit with you about your livestock and help market them in a way that will bring you top dollar.

Internet sales Through Cattle USA

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