Salebarn regulations:  If you are not a buyer or seller we ask that you do not come into the barn and for everyone in the barn keep six feet apart.  This will apply to all future sales until this pandemic is over.  We do ask that for safety of all concerned, please minimize the time you spend at the market and in the sale arena.  Our staff will be available to unload your consignments so that you may return home to minimize exposure risk.  You can contact our office to discuss check delivery or pick up options if you would prefer not to wait for the mail.  If you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of illness, please remain home.  Listed below is recommendations that BLE is asking the public to consider.

  • Flexibility in picking up their checks if they cannot wait for the mail, or pick up from their vehicle while in parking lot.  Call the office at 719-346-8900 and we will bring your check to you in parking lot.
  • Our instructions to any employee or visitor exhibiting symptoms of illness to remain home.
  • Cafe will be closed during this time and reopen when situation is over.
  • We are providing ample opportunities for visitors and employees to wash hands following CDC best practice.
  • We have cleaned and disinfected any commonly used areas.
  • Cleaned restrooms more frequently and restock with supplies including soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer.

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