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Welcome to
Burlington Livestock Exchange!

Today it seems like the cattle business is full of new angles on marketing livestock.  Marketing cattle should be hassle free.  Shrink's got to be kept to a minimum.  The check had better be good.  And quality cattle should top the market every time.  BURLINGTON LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE in Burlington, CO has been the local cattleman's preferred merchandiser for 17 years, and BURLINGTON LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE offers everything cattle producers demand:  It's a short drive from anywhere.  There is no haggling over price.  Once bidding starts, the price only goes up.  BLE minimizes shrink with always-fresh feed and water.  You get your check on sale day, and that check is always good.  Buyers and Sellers who are not able to attend a sale can participate or view to bid on cattle selling at BLE at Pre registration is required prior to sale to bid online.  This is real time and viewable from computers anywhere in the country.  Finally, cattle sold at BURLINGTON LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE in Burlington CO consistently top the market.  So stop searching for what you've already found.  BLE has a  sale every THURSDAY starting at 1:00 p.m. mountain time.  Call BLE at 719-346-8900 to consign your cattle today.

March 4, 2021​ - Exp. 2300 to 2500  Head  1:00 p.m. MT

  •  425 angx strs/hfrs  500-650#
  •  325 angx strs  550-700#
  •  180 angx hfrs  525-575#
  •  188 angx strs  600-800#
  •  170 angx strs/hfrs  600-750#
  •  150 red angx strs/hfrs  400-500#
  •  110 ang& redangx hfrs 600-700#